Hey over there…Sincerely, over here.

I’ve never used this site for its actual blog purpose so I thought I would crack on to it.  I also dont know if I’ll use this same time as I am on my break at work.  I’ve been working primarily on music lately, so since that stuff isnt hear and I have some weird cough thing, right now is momentarily fine.

In the style of Dwight…ground rules.

I will try, i promise, to swerve from the political.  I address this plenty elsewhere but, as still a fan of things like the tv shows Early Edition and Vicar of Dibley and other remnants of the nineties when things were simpler and I still actually didnt know the difference between and American democrat and a republican (yes…i know), I would like this to stay primarily in that world.  Suffice to say, much of my other social media gets involved there.  I also am to write sans any close-proximity-politics, more commonly known as gossip.  I have learned only too well how that bites you on the ass, especially considering (and this is a lesson I continue to learn and more should) nothing is simple and you really dont know that much about people around you.  You only have your perspective which is flawed at best so why present the idea that your and expert.

The other thing I like the idea of is creating a space which I actually dont use in a marketing way.  Now it is very tricky not to be disingenuous here as all social media is about connections but what I mean is my goal isnt to meet you at the store front where I’m doing everything with a morning dj voice and the happiest emoji I could find.

Ill meet you at the back of the store by the garbage lock up where I use to smoke.  Been two months now so I don’t do that but you can if you want.  It’s weird but someone else smoking really doesn’t trigger me.  Being adhd and missing those near-meditative breaks does that, amongst other physical things.

So that’s about it.  I’m Tom.  I work, I make music and write off and on.  I’ll be back in a bit.  


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