Welcome to my main website!

Based on the west coast of Canada in Victoria, British Columbia my life’s focus has always been about creating. It is what has driven me from my earliest of early memory, to explore the world around me and reflect back what I see from my own perspective.

For me most recently, my goal of this website is to try and share my experiences of my creative process as a songwriter. I have been writing songs for years and as a bassist this immediately came along with trying to create my own finished tracks. I don’t have really flashy gear, but I liked the idea of bringing everyone along for the ride with what I do and giving what inspiration to others that I can. You dont have to do what I’m doing but you can deep dive it for what resonates in you.

I think it is really exciting when the opportunity to make something out of nothing interacts with other people, whether it’s other artists, audience or my followers. It’s all about making connections. We are all creative. Everyone I meet is both someone I can tell a story to or someone I can learn from.

Everyone’s a miracle to me!


Feel free to follow me out there on my other social media! Thank you again for taking your time to stop by this blog site! I absolutely wish you the best in your own creative adventures and any guidance I’ve provided is the reason I do this!


Tom 🙂

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