Friday Music Funlist!

I would love to make something like this into a thing…and maybe even share yours in the comments section below!

Its the Friday Funlist!

Basically to me music is an adventure that sends you off trying out different things much like the net surfing that I can only assume brought you here.

Especially with things like the amazing “What’s in my bag” series on Youtube

What’s in my bag with Dave Grohl!

Im just using my phone atm and short on time so Ill just put in my three. Rule is it’s three I discovered this week or about this week. It can be a whole artist or just a clip.

Ok here goes

Hope World by J-Hope

Dont know if you caught this trending a few weeks back but this fun tune by Jung Ho-seok of the South Korean boy band BTS is really fun!

Hope World

The Low Roar Remix

Just can’t say enough good things about Ryan’s project other than he’s inspiring, awesome, and you should be already be familiar with him. Click and be happy in a pleasant kind of way.

Low Roar Remix

Recoil 1+2

Both to show I haven’t abandoned my Depeche Mode roots but this is new to me, here is a track by now former band member Alan Wilder. To my knowledge this strange mechanical electronic piece marked the beginning of a little idea that became his project Recoil, now on its 3rd album.

Recoil 1+2

I will try, depending on how this goes, to add more next week. I would also bring in more from, as I noticed, outside of electronica. I literally have half an hour before getting ready for a show as I’m a celtic musician in St. Patrick’s season. He’s so big it just aint one day lol

See you later!

Cheers 😀



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