Haven’t written on here for a bit so I thought I would.
Been very busy over the last while working on new Cookeilidh material for the upcoming St. Patrick’s week and with Ollie and Emma with my long time co-writer Cheri Jacobs.  That and just finishing moving in to my new place which after a month is finally beginning to look less like a box strewn campground.  Now it’s time to start doing some work.  The funny thing is with me, I actually like getting these things done…De stressing for me comes from my work.  Take that over jacuzzis any day.  Even with Champagne.. and strawberries…and…ok that would be pretry nice.  Maybe once I’ve done…ill let you know.  Well not about the jacuzzi…that would be gloaty.

Anyways.. Check out these two projects if you get a chance!

Tom 🙂

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