Planet of the Humans explored.

There has been alot thrown back and forth lately, which makes sense as I take a bus through my town. It’s the first time I’ve done that and the sight is shocking. The extra construction as traffic is near nonexistent, the emptied shelves, and ambulance squeezing past us on the right with the paramedics both in full masks.

In this environment Michael Moore released The Planet of the Humans. I cant say this was poor in terms of timing. I’m presently on my way to record a video for my older song Precipice which seems more appropriate now as before it was about my own fears.

We’re all freaked out. Even those who want it opened soon. Those faces in the governor’s window, people ingesting cleaning supplies, and the theories. Now I’m adding mine. That’s it. Michael and his friends added theirs. Facts are easy in any case to dispute. I was raised catholic and you dont have a mix of that and “doubting Thomas” without knowing about believing without personally witnessing.

So loads of right wing types like Brietbart cheered and the left wing cried that they were betrayed. I genuinely believe both are missing the point. Math isn’t political. Science isn’t political. The facts dont care. We do have the mentality of constant expansion and growth on a planet that doesnt go on forever.

Turning our endless “I want what I want and that’s the end of it” over to renewables, electric cars and solar panels isn’t good enough and, as it turns out, isnt actually much better. This is where the left wing, of which I see myself as roughly belonging to, explode.

What’s funny is there is a group of people who were doing it right before we stormed in, called them uncivilized and made things our way. They were the indigenous people of this continent. For absolutely millenia they ran the entire continent like one single organic farm. Most of our major highways are old trails. There was a mindfulness of what they did, animals they killed and how they lived that they knew was part of, and not dominating, the world around them.

We are like farmers or custodians of this world. An inability to share it and maintain it fails all of us, not just the poorest or people we have claimed lesser than. If nothing else comes from our lockdown it’s that his mindset of who are the better people and who are not has got to become a thing of the past. Discrimination is not just wrong, it is a mistake that costs us dearly in the long run.

We need to think long run. Not thinking that way is why we find ourselves locked down. I believe the same when it comes to homelessness, addiction, and every other dis – ease we suffer from as a society. Like the emotional scarring of someone who was abused, the problems arise seemingly out of nowhere.

They are not out of nowhere. We take care of each other, our earth and stop believing you can do whatever you want and get away with it.

I am not here to side with anyone. I am here to beg our society to evolve for the better while my time on this planet remains.

And I feel I have only just begun.