Have your cake on Live.Me!

Have you been on Live.me yet? Now I can’t claim that the app will provide the cake pictured (now that would be an app I’d like! 🎂😋)…but it’s still lots of fun and you can actually profit from it too.

I use android so I got it on playstore, but with some help from a regular named “Irish Bear Fan” both Cece and I have gotten started and it’s great. I am up there as 🎩TheRambles🎸 playing music (so check that out if you’re on) but instead of actually broadcasting I was watching an amazing guitarist and singer called NessaDove who you can find on Instagram playing right now and it was cool! Broadcasting from New York city, she jammed and talked to everyone, inspiring people and talking to other musicians…including what’s called “beaming” (sounds like a SpaceBalls reference) where you can have people guest from there device on your broadcast. So she had someone else jam as well and talked. Its cool that way because then you don’t have to communicate just through the medium of a texted response and of course its makes it more interesting for the viewers.

And if you like you can like, share, follow and even send coin gifts which build up and can literally turn into money in your paypal account. But there’s so much fun to be had and games and things that it’s worth it even if you dont rake it in, and for musicians like me you can perform from your home and that ia such a great way to up your game.

Or eat cake. Both are good. 🎂




The triumph of impossible things

“There is no today or tomorrow. It’s all one day.” Janis Joplin.

Here we are on the first day of spring, one of our four months. It is 8:25 in the morning here on March 20th and even the temperature is something I could probably acquire with little to no effort. As we grow up, becoming the “tall child holding a beer” to quote comedian Dylan Moran, we increasingly are swamped with rules that make everything like a intricately functioning clock. Some, and myself included try to escape these inevitable rules through different things like skipping sleep or allowing the day to wander without a watch or device in sight. I swear that here in Victoria there is increasing wackiness amongst the Thursday to Saturday night party crowds as if they could wacky the realities away. The question is are they like the contemporary idea of zombies during the fun, or next morning? This isn’t the escape to impossible. Neither is me going “stuff it” and leaving the so-called “smartphone” (which leaves you stranded when dead as we’ve come allow it to memorize phone numbers, show you what people near you are eating and has you watching a person watching their screen, along with 4000 other people because they may do something soon. But hate to bite the hand.)

When you drive up the malahat, there are power linea that swing over Finlayson arm and up the hill. I’ve wanted to zip line them before that was a thing. I’m aware it would kill me via falling, high voltage or a mix of both but that’s not the point. I’d love to go rooffop to rooftop in town like some kind of Parisian bandit. Id love to find a portal to other worlds just under that table in the living room.

Now you. Take a moment to think of something that’s impossible that would be great fun. Allow it to just happen and really visualize it as hard as you can. You don’t need special training or years of plowing through libraries. Just give your day a break from being that tiringly exact, all grown up day.


Once you’re there you’ll like it.


It is very easy to get locked into a specific pattern.  The image above is an example of that.  I was working three jobs at the time, trying to finish a film project, going to university and watching things in these and personal places fall around me.  For some reason I had time that afternoon and went for a walk with headphones for the first time in ages.  Not all that much of an escape but something as simple as that is well worth it.  Take time and get out.  On your own.

Victoria is a wonderful place for doing just that.  Take a time each week where you intend to wander and take things slow.  One of my favorite books is “Faster” by James Gleick.  In this he talks about the number of ways we have tried to speed ourselves up, the multitasking and then fact that these things that were supposed to help have just given us excuses to need to go faster still.  Step out of all that.  It’s not real, you are.  There is so much to be grateful for here as a human being that it staggers the mind.  Literally anything you couldn’t think of is available for you to explore.  Our city is a dream of little communities within communities.  Go to a open stage night and listen to some of the musicians who have honed their craft alongside fellow musicians, some for decades now.  Go to Imax and watch a show you never would have thought of watching.  Explore the library for titles you never would have thought of.  Get lost in the streets of Oak Bay with headphones (you can always use google if you get hopelessly confused)  Twitter search #yyj to see what is going on in town today (and yes, you’ll probably run into yours truly on there.  I’m @tomrambles.  Hi!  :D)

Does this all seem a little oversimplified and not in the adult world?  Yes.  But I’ll be honest.  I’ve tried being an adult and I find it a mix of both stressful, kind of boring and not much in it.  Mostly joking there, and the ironic footnote is that this blog was not written in one sweep.  I don’t mean to run down the effort we all put in to be responsible but who the heck wants to make strata councils, finance and long line ups when we don’t have time our whole life?  In the arts and even in the martial arts there is the concept of the child’s mind.  It’s roughly related to the “from the mouths of babes” idea.  It’s also, I feel, connected to the same concept of meditation.

You step out of your reality and accept that you only know the world from your perspective in the same way that I know mine from mine and the guy driving the bus (for instance) knows his from his.  In creativity its like pretending you don’t know how to do your craft at all…now what are you going to do?

The best way to explore it all is with the sense of gratitude, which was the original spark that started this blog.  Feeling that your actually lucky is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  Being outside of your world and just exploring the city is one great way to discover how lucky you really are.  So leave all of the adult world behind for a couple hours.  Have the meeting tomorrow.  Go play outside.



The road to Death Mountain...

Was there something about those games back then that captured the imagination?  I have tried since the passing of my NES from being in its longrunning spotlight to get into games like back then but to no avail.  I have come back to them with purchasing old games and emulators so I don’t know if is really that I grew out if it.

I mean it was a different time and place for me definitely.  Things were definitely simpler then.  That was the age when the Internet was still just a rumor and we had a Comtex 386, which was pretty high end.  Which leads me to how gaming was.  Nintendo was better for action games and the IBM was better for R.P.G’s  Windows was very much in its infancy.  I would load games with MSDOS, the MS standing for…yeah they were already around.  Some games had sound but it was in clunky clips.  These stuck with words below the “action”


Alexander takes a mint...

I confess I didn’t get to play as many of the Quest series as I would have liked to.  There was something about all this that was wonderfully mysterious though.  There was other players you could talk to in person but mostly you were on your own and as the game didn’t have perfect audio and video you filled in the rest somehow with your head as you worked through it.  It was also relatively simple to play with instructions being about the size of a slightly oversized pamphlet to Fable Cottage Estate that you would pick up on a BC Ferry.   That was my weirdest ever hobby as a kid.  Pamphlet collecting.  Yeah, I don’t get that one either.

If you really wanted to nerd out you could put on a Monty Python cassette and play this at the same time.  Glorious!


I'm a lumber jack. ..

The above game was a long time favorite which I’ve yet to find a emulator of that comes close.  It was called Empire Wargame of the Century and it was essentially a risk style game with two other players, human or computer, lurking out there in the darkness that would play and explore in turns.  It was usually a slow victory even if you made your settings absurdly easy.

It was a very different time for those of us who first saw the excitement of those early computer game years, starting for me with Apple 2 games like Carmen Sandiego, Choplifter, Airheart and Cross Country Canada all the way until Final Fantasy and these four guys from the Sierra Games.

Just four guys in a game, you know…


Leisure Suit Larry, Police, Space, and Kings Quest

Permit me to be the nostalgic old guy.   Those were the days…



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Accidental British Accents


Possible culprit...too many hours understanding Sir Humphrey?

    First time it happened was before I saw my first British Comedy (see previous blog.)  My mom (apparently) remarked that certain words brought it on.  Was it my Dad’s grandmother from Lincolnshire being about?  Was it my mom rehearsing her lines in amateur stage plays?

     All I can swear is that most of the time it’s not intentional.  My normal west coast Canadian…born in the Kootenay town of Cranbrook…accent goes inexplicably British.  One actual English lady who (as many from the U.K. can) placed the dialect as being more Cockney than from the Shires so maybe it is just too many episodes of Rodney and Del-boy from Only Fools and Horses.


Watched with Newcastle Brown for additional mental infiltration?

    One person noticed that the accent does appear when I’m asking a question and I’m not sure of the answer.  Like if I’m a nice English gentleman people will not help but be friendly in kind.  Historically I’m not sure how well that works but somehow it’s there.  It does sound far more educated (classically used by characters like Giles of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and perhaps that appeals to some appearance of strong reasoning skills.  Not sure there.  I just do it.  There is every possibility that it comes also from my love of music from the U.K.  I have watched Depeche Mode 101 a number of times amongst others and the band’s accent is East London which is certainly in that Cockney range.


Alan Wilder givin the skinny.

     It most embarrassingly flares up when speaking to someone from the U.K.   I have been called on it before which usually makes me blush and scuttle away like a crab.  Sideways.  Ok, I don’t do that.  But the embarrassing part happened.  One time I played it out with people who were Canadian but had just come from traveling the Isles and I decided I had just moved from Brixton (had just been reading about that area…or something like that) and I was still finding my way around.  It worked.  Or at least it seemed to.  I take it as some kind of win.

Always hinging on whether he should just stay in London in a year and finish the job…


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