The End of Presidents and Prime Ministers?

The reason for these roles was after a time of tyranny and royal dominance. If you look into the beginning of the American Presidency, George Washington was almost like a chairperson. They would not have wanted him to have dominance as they had just left that behind with the British Crown. America was a experiment in working together and democracy.

Since then it seems the role has slowly formed right back into a position of power, primarily as a standard bearer for the side of government standing behind. You can watch an episode of Yes Minister and it still works roughly today almost 50 years later as being a dissatisfying vessel of non change and fame/glory for the random person who seems to sit in the big goldy oak chair.

From a previous post about Bernie Sanders it is true I am politically progressive and unashamedly socialist. It comes from experience as a musician where I know local players who are rock star talented and then saw an interview with Phil Collins talking about the absurdity of contemporaries who hadn’t been to ever house they owned yet. People should be rewarded for their work but you can only sleep in one bed, eat so much and drink so much a day.

Politics seems to have gone crazy with dirt digging, ego and aggression. It’s like a popularity contest when they vote for him because “I like him. I don’t know. He seems honest.”

It seems like it’s not about serving but winning. Winning what? It should be boring. It should be endless bits of paper and problems to sort out. When you want an alpha dominant aggressive rockstar on a ego trip do you really think you’ll get a soft spoken sensitive person who considers all sides to an issue and would rather listen than talk?

This is true despite country or side. This isn’t just Trump. It’s like with my song Reason. Is it about him, yes but not just him. He’s just the most brain blastingly blatent.

I suggest going back to King Arthur’s idea of the round table, minus a king. People we have chosen for their service to their commitment simply are eventually seated at a table of between 4 and 7 people. More than that and it becomes able a group within that group, less and it’s not wide enough a cross section. They then serve for a short period of time.

Perhaps their could be a reward system for doing well or threat of no longer being part if you completely flunk. Not sure. We can work this out, I just wanted to put out the little I have.

The more we learn about the soft complexities of the way forward with what we’ve learned about International realities, climate change, inequality, homelessness and now covid 19 and the Planet of the Humans documentary it just seems clear that we need governments that are progressive and actually want to implement real seismic change, not just win the office. On the continent of North America I’ve yet to see a party I would trust to do that.

Maybe things need the real shake up.


Tom Pogson